Food news

After I checked my e-mail, I looked around Yahoo! and found some interesting food-related articles. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, I LOVE food, from buying the ingredients to the preparation of the meal to the cooking of the meal and of course the eating of the food.

If you want to get my attention, talk about books, food, or have a great conversation.

There was a great article on why you shouldn’t make it a regular habit to drink carbonated drinks, what the different ingredients in carbonated drinks do to your body and can cause in your body, and some alternatives to carbonated drinks.

A study was done with civil servants in London studying if there was a link between diet and depression. It was found that people that ate a diet high in fried foods and processed food, etc.  were more likely (more that one out of two people) to be depressed.

Apparently Kellogg cereals is taking advantage of parents’ concern over their children’s health with a claim that Kellogg cereals will help protect their children’s immunity.


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