And the Animated Movies Title Goes To…

Yahoo movies broke down the stats between the top two animated movie giants, Pixar and DreamWorks.

I was surprised to find out that DreamWorks has outsold Pixar internationally, I figured that since Pixar did so well domestically, the numbers would transfer over internationally. The fact that both studio’s bug-related movies were the “worst” movies financially that they put out. The difference in Oscar nominations and wins didn’t surprise me though.

But later in the day after I had read it, I thought about it and the marketing strategies that both studios employ to the international markets. Disney/Pixar generally hires voice actors, they don’t have the habit of chasing after big name stars, they turned down George Clooney when he wanted to be Mr. Incredible in the Incredibles. And their marketing plan is usually story driven, in Seoul, the marketing focused on the house and the balloons and possibly the directors/producers of previously hit Pixar movies. Whereas DreamWorks movies usually have a whole slew of A-listers and the promotions usually focus on the same A-listers that you will hear in the movie.  Which possibly explains why DreamWorks outsells Pixar internationally.

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