This Direction, That Direction, A New Direction

It was always an odd to me since I moved to Korea that although Koreans drive on the right side of the road, foot traffic is the opposite, except on escalators. So obviously, I generally am on the wrong side of the flow of traffic, like in a bad rom-com movie.

Recently, there are “helpful” signs and stickers plastered all over the subway stations telling riders which side to walk on, although I don’t think that anyone has actually read the signs. Mainly because I’m still on the wrong side of the traffic flow.That and people still get their bags, hands, legs, etc. stuck in the moving subway doors, although there are posters and commercials – live action and animated – telling you not to rush into a subway train while the doors are closing.

Go figure why the Korean government felt that this was a needed change. I would have thought North Korea, the bad economy, growing socioeconomic gaps, etc. would be more important than on which side do people walk.


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