It Really Has Been 10 Years?

I recently received a couple of invitations to my 10-year high school reunion. I couldn’t believe that it had already been ten years since I graduated from high school. In some ways I feel like that I’m not old enough to have graduate ten years ago and in other ways, I feel that it was a lifetime ago.

Obviously I didn’t go: (1) I don’t have vacation time during the regular school year, (2) it’s really expensive to get a (round-trip) ticket for the end of summer/beginning of fall, (3) I don’t know that girl any more, and (4) I hated high school, it was a painful experience.

I saw some photos from the reunion, and I thought that I knew most of the people that I graduated with, but according to that photo, I only know about five of the the fifty-something attendees. And most of the people had obviously changed, gaining weight, dressing different, etc. It’s a bit of a surreal moment to see a picture of people that you grew up with and see that they’re all strangers.


2 responses to “It Really Has Been 10 Years?

  1. Mine’s in 2011. I don’t know if I’ll go yet. The only ppl I care about from high school I never lost touch w/. Everyone else is just white noise. But if I’ve got a hottie husband, and it’s not the same time as WYD, then I’ll definitely think more about going, hahaha.

  2. R. G. Maines

    Not unlike yourself, High School was a difficult and painful experience for me. I was tortured throughout school by kids who didn’t like my name, the way I dressed, wore my hair, where my family lived, etc. They were horrendous and I couldn’t imagine voluntarily subjecting myself to more of their judgments and ridicule.

    I, too, saw pictures from the reunions that have come and gone and talked to one old friend who did attend, and I was reassured that my decision was the right one.

    They spent part of their nights together giving ‘awards’ to classmates who’d gained the most weight, lost the most hair, were the most gray, etc. Still subjecting others to judgment and ridicule, hoping to ‘get a laugh’ at the expense of others.

    I’m now approaching my 30th Class Reunion and I’ve not attended any, in fact, though many of my classmates know where I live and what my married name is, I have not received an invitation to any but one of the reunions.

    Wishing you peace of mind in making your decision when it’s time to attend.

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