Myeong Dong Kyo-ja

One of my favorite places to eat, especially when the tempertures start to drop below 20C or 70F, is Myeong Dong Kyo-ja, home of Myeong Dong’s famous kal-guk-su since 1966. There are two locations on the same street in Myeong Dong and you have to get there early (preferably before noon, when I got there close to 11am, almost every seat was taken on the bottom floor) or you’ll have to stand in line for a seat. I’ve had kal-guk-su at other places and it wasn’t the same, and neither was the kim-chi.

Myeong Dong Kyo-ja

Kal-guk-su is a soup dish featuring flour noodles that have been cut by a knife instead of using a pulling technique. Alongside kal-guk-su is a special, extra garlicy kim-chi to compliment the blander soup base.


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