And the Silver Lining is…

So I had a “department” meeting with my 3rd grade co-teacher, Kwon Ji-hye, KYY and the English supervisor, Pak Il Hong this afternoon. It was kinda a waste, I mean it became a “departmental” meeting to try to make it not an attack on either KYY or me (FAIL, by the way) and so that KYY wouldn’t becoming even pettier as she’s done in the past.

Before the meeting started, Ji-hye told me that she actually went to bat for me yesterday with the English supervisor, telling her that she wasn’t sure what the supervisor was told or heard, but she’s enjoyed working with me, she’s never had any issue with me, and I’ve always been nice to her. I never expected that either of my other co-teachers would go to bat for me, because they’re both ten years younger than KYY and in their first year teaching at their first school. I was amazed and very touched that she would go off on a limb like that for me because it’s so against Korean culture and Confucianism in so many different ways.

It started out about the lack of objectives in both my 3rd and 4th grade classes, which I can see as something that could be helpful, but not in the English classroom, because I have a tiny whiteboard that I write on, put the TL on, and explain the game with. Also if I could spend more time preteaching words for the games/activities, then maybe the lower level students would be able to participate more. And try to manage the time a little bit better to let all the students do the activity. Which all are good points and things that I should try to incorporate more, along with shorter sentences and speaking a bit slower.

And then it slowly but surely turned into KYY reinventing the past and talking about how I was a bad teacher, a bad co-teacher, how I make her feel bad, etc. But when I fired back with specific examples of her misbehavior, she never denied anything about her not reading the lesson plans that I give to her 7 to 15 days in advance; if she reads the lesson plan, she reads it in the class; or her interrupting my class to say that she doesn’t understand the lesson plan. But somehow out of all of this…it’s all my fault and it’s wrong of me to feel affronted that she doesn’t talk to me, won’t listen to me, doesn’t help me, isn’t respectful of me in front of the students, etc.

She could make negative personal comments about me the entire time, but when I started to defend myself and fire back, I was told to stay on topic and not be so personal. After the meeting, the supervisor said that she can understand why I would be upset with KYY’s behavior, but I say ‘a’ happened and when she asks KYY about ‘a,’ KYY says, ‘No, I never did that, b happened.’ So she can’t believe me and she has to give KYY the benefit of doubt because we always say opposing stories.

Once again…the writings on the wall…I’m not going to be at Singa Elementary School next year. However, the silver lining is this:

After school, Ji-hye caught up with me as I was walking off (she by the way, did say nice things about me in the meeting) and we talked for a bit. She said that she never thought that I was lying about KYY but since KYY always bows and smiles and says ‘hi’ politely when she’s around her, it’s been hard for her to see that exact side of her. But at that meeting, she watched KYY be rude and say rude and hateful things to me and she’s changed her opinion after seeing that display. Her jaw dropped when I said that KYY was actually very well behaved and being very nice at the meeting.

Yep, that’s KYY for you.


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