The Writing is on the Door or in the Hello

So because of everything that’s been happening between KYY and me, we were observed this morning by the English supervisor, the head of the English department, and…the Principal.

KYY was well-behaved this morning, she came on time, talked nicely to me, helped me set up the room, instead of her normal not help me, talk to me only if she’s going to be rude. Then she started to critique my English again and talk about what I was doing wrong, like explaining why you use present tense in questions about the past. Which I replied that I did explain it to every class, there’s no rhyme or reason, it’s how it is in English, which she backed up and said oh I didn’t hear you.

Everyone came in. KYY went to kiss butt as I knew she would, while I taught class. After a while, the principal left (and I was teaching the way that I normally teach and not the way he/she wants…KYY in charge). And I’m not being overly dramatic when I say you could tell it’s not good for me. The English supervisor and the Department head stayed until the end. Then the English supervisor came up to me and asked me to leave the classroom at the end of class and wait in the hall, she had questions to ask the class and she couldn’t have me or KYY in the classroom to influence the students’ answers. At the end of class, I made my way outside, but KYY was trying to stay, until the English supervisor made her leave.

KYY made a point of telling me that I had a good lesson, but it wasn’t sincere sounding at all, so I really didn’t accept it.

I’m supposed to talk to the English supervisor later, probably after she watches me and my 3rd grade co-teacher teach together next week, about what she saw and what she thinks and what everyone else (the Principal) thinks about the situation.

I’ve been told that I should put a tape recorder or something in my purse or the classroom and get KYY’s behavior on tape. But I can’t. I understand that this is a legal way to get information in Korea, but that’s not how information can be gotten in the Western world. As much as I don’t like her and I think that she’s one of the laziest, uncaring, terrible people in the world, it goes against my principles to get information against her in this manner.

If the extremely cool reception that I got during lunch is any indication, I’m on my way out. Hopefully it won’t be too bad and I won’t have to leave Singa off my resume.


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