Changing in Tides

It was just announced that it will now be easier for anyone of Anglican faith to convert to Catholicism as a result of interest and lobbying by those who are unhappy with the road that the Anglican faith is traveling.

I think that it would prove to be a good idea as the years pass, because how can you be a part of a religion that you feel ignores you? I’m not sure how the issue of the married priests will work out exactly, but I’m sure that Pope Benedict and his guys have a plan for that. I don’t know what this announcement will mean to the decades of hard work that both sides have put in to reconcile the differences, but I think for the believers that are becoming unhappy with the path that the Anglican Church is taking and don’t simply want to fade away to being non-practicing Christians, this is a strong possibility.

Don’t get me wrong, JP2 was a good Pope, I followed him and how he lead the Church, but Pope Benedict is a different story. JP2 understood the world around us, but Pope Benedict understands us and his focus is on reuniting the Church, particularly those who have fallen away. Pope Benedict said from the start that he wanted to make a strong, unified Church with traditional, conservative values and that’s what his words and actions have shown.

After reading the article, I wish that bigger accords could be made with the Orthodox Church, considering that they are by far the closest to beliefs and we have so much in common. Hopefully that’s next up on the plate.


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