The Hype About Obama

It seems like everywhere I turn around there’s someone hyping up Obama, gushing about Obama, kissing up to Obama, etc. It’s quite nauseating for me, partly because I am a conservative Republican, Asian-American, and partly because it’s so over the top I don’t know how anyone can be okay with it.

Last week Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for basically not being George W. Bush and for being the embodiment of Europe’s idealized wishes. Now, apparently a collection of his speeches are best sellers in Japan and they’re helping the Japanese population learn English.

Part of this makes me laugh is that the only thing that he’s done in his presidency is: won the presidential election, make promises, go on late night television, instigated and then back downed from a discussion on race and inequality, talked about how he’s not Bush, talked about how Bush left behind a mess, talked and talked some more. Just like the SNL skit:

The other thing that makes me laugh is that President Bush had much harsher and ruder things yelled at him than what Rep. Joe Wilson said, written about him than Obama, and he was questioned much more than Obama, and it was all ignored by the media, except for FoxNews and other more conservative media vehicles. But when something no matter how little is said about Obama, it’s front page news.


One response to “The Hype About Obama

  1. It’s just because he’s not white. It’s infuriating. Our first non-white president, so it’s new & exciting. Please. Wake me up when he’s done screwing around and when two ppl who are both non-white end up as candidates for the presidency of the US. THEN things might get real.

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