Jon and Kate

When Jon and Kate signed up for their first TLC special and then their subsequent television show…I don’t think that the recent results would have happened.

Law & Order is immortalizing some of their reality travails in an upcoming episode according to Yahoo!, in addition to being somewhat the butt of various comics and morning talk shows. And seemingly every day there’s a new story that shows both parents in even more worse positions than before. Of course, Tony Kornheiser has enjoyed talking about the show, although he’s never even watched a commercial for their show. But I have to agree with the crew on Mr. Tony’s radio show, someone in Pennsylvania should be looking into putting the kids in the care of someone who will be putting their needs before the potential paydays.

But to be fair, the episode also features  an octo-mom like character and focuses on what the families go through with the camera crews and the money, etc. I will honestly be watching the episode because I want to see how they write the episode. And also to see who kills the Kate-like character.


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