I think that you’d be surprised

One of the standing stereotypes about Asians, particularly women, are on the tiny or extremely thin side, depending  on the person. But I think that it will be a shock to anyone who comes over to Korea and sees the reality. Growing up, it was very rare to see anyone of Korean descent to not be slender and sometimes slender as a rail.

I’m not denying that there are some Korean women on the slender side of life here in Korea. But there is an increasing number of Koreans that are a bit heavier. Someone who visited me a while ago, made a comment that kids here in Korea are the chubbiest  at the middle school level, when Slovak kids are at their skinniest.

Which isn’t a surprise because when I ask my students if they had a good weekend and what did they do that was fun…they usually answer, ‘I spent the weekend at the Internet cafe’ or ‘I played video games all weekend,’ etc. My friend Erin blogged about the computer addiction that Korea is currently home to. When it’s sunny outside, my kids talk about how hot it was, so hot that they could only stay inside and play on their computers or watch TV.

One the subways here, the seats have pre-made separations, so that you know where you’re supposed to sit. It seems to me that since I’ve been back here in Korea, people are becoming more and more on the heavy side. Whenever I’ve sat on the subway, there seems to be a lack of space and lots of elbowing.

I’m interesting in visiting Korea in ten years time and seeing the body shapes evolution or devolution, whichever is a better description.


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