Friendship Abroad

I’m a little sad because this time next week, I’ll be two friends (Melissa and Erin) shorter in Korea. Which is really sad for me, because the selfish part of me will really miss them and the times that we’ve had together.

In some ways the hardest part of being an expat teaching English abroad is that people move around the world year-to-year. I’m used to having friends staying more or less in the same place while I move around (smacks of double standards, right?).  And I’ll be honest, I’ve become more and more the friend that’s better at keeping in touch if we’re in the same area code, which is why I love Facebook and now blogging so much, I can write one thing and everyone who’s interested can read whenever they want to and I don’t have to write the same thing more than one time.

So it’s been a big change for me to have to find new friend each year. And to be honest again, it’s a whole lot of work to meet new people, get to know them, decide if you want to be friends, etc. So although I’m happy for my friends to start the next new and exciting chapter in their lives, I really don’t relish the job of looking for new friends. Boo hoo me, right?


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