Overdiagnosing ADHD

In America, where I’m sure there are plenty of parents that have sued somebody for misdiagnosing their child’s learning or mental disability, it is a frustrating difference to be in Korea, where most students are blanket-diagnosed ADHD. I’m not denying that one of the students in my school diagnosed with ADHD may actually have ADHD, but that every single child with a learning disability has ADHD seems statistically imposssible to me.

I have one student that shows classic signs of autism (randomly clapping, easily agitated, lost in his own world, etc.) but according to his diagnosis, he has ADHD. He’s one of the lucky ones, his classmates understand that he doesn’t think that same way that they do, so when he has a moment, they understand and don’t tease him when he’s calm. On the other hand, I have another student who is also diagnosed with ADHD and his classmates constantly tease him, especially when he’s upset. Today during the break, some of the boys were dragging  him by the arm (one arm) around the floor of the classroom, while he’s screaming and crying, and the rest of the kids are upset because they feel he gets too much attention.

And of course, there aren’t any teachers that trained to deal or teach students that have difficulties  in school, there isn’t even a school counselor here for the students to talk to if they need to. All-around frustrations because the age-old excuse of having family problems isn’t really cutting it for me.


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