Korean Martyrs

Today was the celebration of the 103 Korean Martyred Saints in the Catholic Church. Father Dennis said some interesting things in his homily:

  • The most known of Korean saints, Saint Andrew Taegon Kim, was martyred only six months after his ordination in China.
  • 1784 was the beginning of the Church in Korea, 200 years later Pope John Paul II canonized 103 saints in Korea. One of the largest canonization ceremonies to take place outside of Rome.
  • There were actually 12,000 martyrs in Korea.
  • St. James: “Faith without good works is dead.”
  • The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians.
  • It’s important to do the ordinary things of daily life, your sacrifice doesn’t have to be a huge single act, it can be the day-to-day to endure the everyday life.
  • One of the fathers that was ordinated a year after Father Dennis, did more to convert people while he was suffering from cancer than when he was healthy.

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