Serious Eats

I was bored with my food podcasts, mostly because they all were discontinued, and so I searched around iTunes and I found‘s podcasts. Alton Brown, Mario Batalli, and Anthony Bourdain all lend their thoughts about food and other things.

Alton Brown made some interesting comments about food being maybe the only area in life that people can talk openly and freely, without censure or ridicule, as long as you honestly show your love for food. And he made a comment that class and race can be shown through what you choose to eat.

Apparently in Italy you can buy wild boar baby food for your baby…who knew? who would have thought that up?

And there was a great video on farmer’s markets and there’s some astounding facts that in about 15 years green markets have grown from a little over 1,000 to 5,000 in the United States. That the majority of farmers only receive pay that’s equal to about 19% of what they’ve sold, unlike those who sell their products at green markets, who receive 100%.

And the website has recipes and other fun foodie stuff to enjoy too.


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