Oh, Swine Flu

I have to laugh at all the (crazy, at least to me) paranoia that has been going on here in Korea.

By the way that parents, children, students, people, school administrators, etc. are acting you could think that swine flu is like the Black Plague. Please don’t get me wrong, I think that hygiene is very important and that the swine flu is a serious medical issue. But kids sitting in class with cloth face masks, that I don’t think will keep out too many germs or are too clean to begin with (the terry cloth ones, especially). Every kid has a bottle of antibacterial gel on their desk and there’s at least another couple of bottles in the classroom.

One of my favorite uses of anti-bacterial gel is watching some of the students in the bathroom, wash, yes wash, their hands with the gel and water.

I was recently denied permission for a trip (yes, denied…I who at the end of the month will turn 30 Korean years old) to China because of the fears that I would catch the swine flu. And since there’s a lack of NSET substitute teachers here in Korea, what would my school do if I actually did have the swine flu? But if I really wanted to go, I would have to give up half of my remaining vacation days for the trip and for the mandatory self-confinment to ensure that I don’t pass along any swine flu like symptoms to the general population.

Ddeok count: 5 + one huge mocha roll.


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