Feel the Love

It’s interesting to hear what my 4th graders and my 6th graders have to say at the beginning of the new semester. I don’t think that they understood that in the second semester I was not going to teach them, just the 3rd and 5th graders. Because seemingly every student when they first see me all exclaim, “Karen teacher here!”

And if the students hear or see me near their homeroom, they come rushing out to talk to me. A common conversation between me and the kids goes like this:

students: why no Karen teacher?

me: I have to teach 3rd graders and 5th graders.

students: why?

me: Last semester I taught 4th and 6th grade, so this semester I’ll teach the 3rd and 5th graders.

students: No. 3rd (graders) no Karen. 5(th graders) no Karen. 4[(th grade) or 6th grade depending on whom I’m speaking to) yes Karen.

me: You have (name of Korean teacher).

students: no fun. no Karen teacher.

me: Well you can ask the principal if I can change and teach you.

students: principal? No. Sad.

I thought that the students would prefer to have their Korean teacher full-time instead of me, because the instruction would completely be in Korean, well really very little of the class would be in English. But what they miss is that I don’t really follow the national curriculum, I make sure that we go over the vocabulary and the key expressions, but we do other activities and games.

Overall, I think that I’ve taught the last group of students who didn’t know my name my name (except for one 6th grader Victoria, I think I’ll have to tattoo my name on  her arm so that she can remember. A memorable day was when she asked me, “What’s your name,” four times in a morning. ), so you can hear it all around the school. I never thought I would ever be this popular in school. If only I could run for Chuseok queen or something…


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