What is News?

Since I have first periods off on Mondays so that the students can properly start with week with a salute of the Korean national flag and listen to the national anthem, as well as hear all kinds of news for each grade level in the school and the administration. None of it really pertains to me or impacts me or my work so I take the that time to  read the newspapers and news outlets in peace.

Of course I like to read the Houston Chronicle, so that I can keep in touch with Houston and Texas; Fox News, because I’m a conservative and I get more than my share of the liberal view from the New York Times and the Korean Herald; New York Times, my liberal source of information; ESPN, because I need to see how my teams are doing; and sometimes, the Korean Herald.

One article caught my eye, it was written a bit ago and I had vaguely heard about it on PTI, Tim Tebow, the current poster boy of collegiate sports, who’s very public about his Christian faith and his ministry. Apparently during a preseason press conference, a reporter asked Tebow about his sexual history, which his answer (a ‘no’) was then repeated all around a fair number of American publications and media outlets. The article by Kevin Allen raises the idea of what should and should not be for public consumption and how much can we believe from athletes and others in the public spotlight.

In an age where athletes are falling by the wayside because of drug scandals, run-ins with the police, cheating academically or in regards to their sports, etc. it’s hard to root against Tebow. But then the way that he lives his life is fodder for the naysayers, but should his personal choices be open to speculation (which I concede that I’m doing the same at this very moment)? What do you think?


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