Read bean ddeok

Red bean ddeok

soft ddeok with nuts

soft ddeok with nuts

Ddeok (떡) is the traditional Korean rice cake that comes two different ways: savory and sweet.  Savory ddeok is circular or oval shaped sticks or slices that is usually used in 떡국 (literally: ddeok soup), usually eaten curing our New Year’s celebrations, and 떡복기 (ddeokbokgi), an extremely spicy dish that’s one of my favorite dishes in the entire world.

Sweet deok, like the ones pictured above, are usually given out as gifts, especially for celebrations. Since my school has a new principal, in the first three days of his term as the principal, all the teachers in my school has received from him: a fruit cup and two and a half different types of ddeok. I say two and a half because two of the ddeoks were slightly different types of red bean ddeok.

I like ddeok, really I do, but since I live by myself, I can’t eat all the huge amounts of ddeok that I get from my school before it goes bad. Seriously the smallest amount of ddeok that I’ve received is about the size of my hand. I can eat large amounts of rice without a problem, but a single piece of ddeok is like eating a huge bowl of rice and I get about three or four servings.  And since it’s fresh ddeok made by local businesses, there aren’t any preserving chemicals in it, so it goes bad after a couple of days.

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a tally and see how many different types of ddeok I’ll receive in the first three weeks of the new semester.


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