World Press Photo 2009

My friend Melissa has raved so much about the World Press Photo Exhibit, that when the latest edition came to Korea, I had to go see it at the Seoul Arts Center.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect at the exhibit, but I was impressed by each of the selected pieces. At some photo exhibits that I’ve been to, I have shaken my head wondering why a particular piece was included in the exhibit. The section about topical events were heartwrenching, especially the photos from the Georgian/Russia issue. Of course there were the obligatory photos of Obama and his wife.  There were interesting photos of rich Romi and their homes in Eastern Europe, my friend Crystal and I really liked the one  with the guy sitting in a hallway with ‘Bank of America’ painted on the wall above a huge dollar sign.

It was so fun and in some ways an eye-opening experience. World Press Photo exhibits will be on my to do list any time it comes to my neighborhood in the world.

Me and Crys outside the Seoul Arts Center

Me and Crys outside the Seoul Arts Center


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