Reach For Me

I was bored and looking around for an English movie on and I came across a pretty recent movie, Reach For Me,  starring Alfre Woodard. I had been wondering what happened to Alfre Woodard because I hadn’t heard from her in a while.

Reach For Me stars Alfre Woodard, Seymour Cassel (what hasn’t he been in???), Johnny Whitworth (CSI: Miami fame), and Lacey Chabert (Party of Five fame) and is directed by LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow fame).

The vast majority of the scenes take place in a retirement home. It’s a sad reminder how some people are forgotten once they enter a retirement, as well as how your actions will catch up to you at some point in your life.

Alvin’s best friend/roommate dies in the beginning of the film and obviously he’s hurt and angry that he’s friend is gone and so he’s resistant to the change of a new roommate, especially one as young as his new roommate, Kevin. Kevin is in his dying last moments, none of the treatments he tried cured his cancer and he’s been put into the retirement home so that he can have round-the-clock care but not be as reminded as he would in a hospice of his nearing end. His girlfriend, Sarah, is seemingly one of the few visitors to the retirement home, the entire staff falls in love with her as well as pities her. Alvin and Kevin have some rough moments between the two of them, some because of the generation difference and some simply because Alvin is n extremely cantankerous old man. Throughout the movie, he’s self-tortured by things that he did and said to his ex-wife, which he takes out on everyone else. Sarah tries her hardest to come up with new and innovative ideas to get Kevin’s mind, and Alvin too, off of reality with her Italian dinner night, slides from her travels in Europe, and even an Jackson Pollack art project. Eventually Alvin becomes more empathic towards others, evening finding love again.

It’s a bit predictable but it’s also more character-based and driven than you would think when you read the movie summary. Overall it’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours.


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