First Day Back

So yesterday (2009.8.26) was the first day back for the second semester for me, and not really anyone else in my district later. And I have to admit it was very nice to be in a new office without KYY being KYY, seriously it felt like work paradise (and to be honest that hasn’t worn off today at all).

It’s interesting to see the kids’ faces on the first day back. The grudging-I-must-be-here looks, the I-don’t-remember-being-up-this-early-before looks, the why-do-I-have-to-be-here looks, were on everyone’s faces. But not to the same degree that I remember wearing as a child or the students that I have taught in the States,  most likely because I/we had a longer summer break, at least longer than 5 weeks.

There were a lot of smiles and hand waving at least in my direction, but all the rapport that I had built with the 6th graders and the 4th graders seemed to have left a bit because many of the students who before the break were more than willing to exchange small talk with me, now just smiled and nodded.

Another bright side about my new office is that I’ll never be late or not know when a staff meeting is, because it’ll be in my office. But that also means I have to stay throughout the entire meeting.

My supervisor felt bad that I worked most of the break and that I never really had time to relax from a very busy and stressful first semester, so she talked to the vice-principals and I was allowed to leave at 12pm instead of 4:40pm like I’m supposed to. All in all,  not a bad start to the semester. 😀

Now if I could only get a class changed from the very last class of the week, when the kids will not want to have English class to a more reasonable time, that would be great…


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