Tibet Restaurant

For dinner, I went with Margot, a friend of hers, and two women that were couch-surfing at her friend’s apartment, to Tibet Restaurant, near the Red Square. Moscow I think is the epitome of a European city and stepping into Tibet is walking into another world. Yes, I know how cliche that was, but seriously to go from Russia/Europe with it’s mostly white population, extremely well-dressed citizens (that’s how you knew the citizens from the tourists, that and the maps and the guide books and the looks of confusion), classic architechure, history, etc. to cushions, bright colors, Far East appearances and mentality, traditional looking clothes (not too, sure, obviously I could google, but I want to finish the blogs first), etc. It’s culture shock in an evening. Obviously there were photos of the Dali Lama, and traditional looking masks, dolls, and other decorations. I couldn’t help thinking that the masks and some of the other designs looked a lot like some of the traditional arts in Korea. Regardless, the restaurant was beautifully decorated.

a look at the inside of Tibet

a look at the inside of Tibet

It was hard to figure out what to eat, everything sounded good and I’ve never been to Tibet, so I have no clue what was traditional and what wasn’t, etc., etc., etc. (I know, I know wrong country, but I haven’t done it in a long time and just felt like saying it…gold star to anyone who knows what I’m talking about.) In the end, I decided that I would choose this lamb dish that was described as spicy fried lamb with vegetables and cilantro. I love the smell of cilantro, there’s something clean and fresh about it. I think that I will have to try cooking with lamb and cilantro when I get back to the States. It was really good, but it wasn’t spicy not like Korean spicy or Mexican spicy, that was a bit of a disappoint, but I still liked it.

my dinner

my dinner

It was suggested that I either get rice or some kind of bread to eat along with my meal, so I decided on some traditional buns. Later I was told that to be really traditional, they should have been filled with meat.

traditional Tibetan buns

traditional Tibetan buns

Oh and one of the funny moments, when I went to wash my hands, out of no where this advertisement pops up on the mirror, it was called sinkTV. It only showed advertisements for itself, but it was an interested new media vehicle after you/I got over the shock of it popping up.


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