Moo Moo

Moo Moo is a sit-down, cafeteria-style Russian food chain. With a  name like Moo  Moo, the obvious mascot should be and was a cow. In fact, if you were young enough, you could get a balloon that was spottd like a cow’s hide. And there was a mascot, a very oddly shaped cow, but alas I was too hungry and feeling too touristy to pose for a picture with it. Instead of being like one of the cows from Chick-fil-a, it was more of a bell-shaped cow.

So you grab your tray, the first section that you come to is the salad bar, you tell the people what you want, they plate it and hand it to you. After the salad section is the soups, then the main dishes, then the sauces and barbeque section, the dessert display, the drink section, and then the cashiers, who give you Moo Moo candy (think extremely milky caramel soft chew candy).

I got fried pelmeni filled with mashed potatoes, which I learned is actually from Siberian, and fried varenki stuffed with ground beef and spices, which is from the Ukraine, along with sour creme.

varenki is on the left and pelmeni is on the right

varenki is on the left and pelmeni is on the right

The only thing that I didn’t eat the whole time while I was in Russia and I regret it, is trying the cherry varenki, they’re supposed to be delicious. I guess I have something new to do the next time I go to Russia.


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