Kat Kaffe

Kat Kaffe (address: St. Petersburg, Stremyannaya St. 22/3; telephone: 571-33-77, 970-69-12) was recommended to me by my friend Margot. It’s a tiny place, that from the outside looks more like a club or a bar, not too far from my hostel and the train station. But when you enter inside, you’re transported to another world, even in Russia.

I was handled two menus, the regular menu that has random English words/explanations/translations and a summer menu that was pictures of “summer” foods with the name in English, which were usually translated Russian, and Russian, of course.



After consulting the waiter, I decided on satsiwi – apparently chicken in a nut sauce, that tasted like watery hummus made from pistaches and lavash – a special oblong Georgian bread.



And I also had an interesting Georgian lemonade that was bright green and not lemony or limey at all. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what was in it.

Georgian "lemonade"

Georgian "lemonade"


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