Summer Camp #1, part 2

So summer camp at Joongdae Elementary finished a bit ago, but the almost immediately I left for Russia and I didn’t have anytime to figure out how to upload to youtube because I can’t afford to get the video stuff for wordpress. So We (the Pelican team) had been practicing  our play, an adaptation of Jonathan Scieszka and Lane Smith’s The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, for a week and a half and then we were told to add a song/dance about two days before the big performance for their parents.

First up, we did a sign dance to the Village People’s Y.M.C.A:

You probably can’t see the signs, they said:

  1. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!
  2. We are the Pelican Team
  3. Enjoy our performance!
  4. Did you have fun?
  5. Time flies by!
  6. Have a great summer vacation!

And the big part of our performance was our puppet show:


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