Russia, Day 1

I do nothing if not well…for breakfast I had an iced chocolate from GloriaJean‘s and Shake potatoes with Mexican Chili from Lotteria.
The best way to start a vacation :D

The best way to start a vacation 😀

The Aeroflot jet that I spent nine hours on was probably one fo the oldest jets that I’ve ever been on in my entire life. I was sitting next to the cutest kid ever, as we were taking off, he kept on calling out, “Airplane!” everytime he saw an airplane on the tarmac. The food was terrible (I’m too spoiled by Korean Air, it’s bigger, comfortable, you get your own tv screen, and yummy food.) The high(low)light was the Salsbury steak patty on top of kim-chi rice, with a salad of a few pieces of lettuce and overly spiced, thickly slices of beef.

Aeroflot food...not so yummy

Aeroflot food...not so yummy

At passport control once I safely arrived in Moscow was a unique adventure…I was a little worried, the Asian looking people were taking a long time to get through customs and truthfully I really had to go to the loo. Eventually I got to the passport control lady who took my passport and ridiculous amounts of paperwork, stared at them for a while, made me nervous that she was about to deny me entry, grunted a few times, stared some more, grunted some more…and then in a somewhat scary voice demanded that I smile like I was in my passport photo. So I did the first thing that came to mind…gave an extremely weak and scared-that-I-was-about-to-be-told-I-had-to-go-back-to-Korea smile…which apparently was good enough for her. And I left the area as soon as I could so that she couldn’t change her mind.

I was supposed to find the driver that works for my friend’s school, but at the last minute I panicked/thought that I had told my friend the wrong airport and that the driver was at the other airport and I had no clue how to get to her apartment or her school. But after some looking around, I saw this older man that for some reason made me think of an old sailor (probably the tattoo on his lower arm) with a sign saying my name! 😀

On a side note, if Moscow’s point was to make sure that they had extremely good-looking men as security guards, police officers, etc. then, well done, they definitely accomplished that goal. Seriously on the applicationo for those jobs did they have to submit a photo and check if they were good looking? The security guards, policemen, and military guys that work at the Incheon International airport are scary, not guys that I would be interested in chatting up at all, Moscow was a different story.

Along the way to the city center, a minivan tried to take on a 18-wheeler, now class, which do you think won the fight? And three cigerettes later we were clear of that accident.

Eventually we arrived at my friend’s apartment and I had to take an ice cold shower because every section in Moscow gets their hot water shut down for two weeks so that their pipes can be cleaned and fixed in time for the harsh Russian winter, it was just my luck that I was visiting my friend when it was her section’s turn for no hot water.

But the most important part of this blog entry is that I’m in Russia!

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