Up promotions in Korea

I saw the Disney/Pixar movie, Up, and it was everything that all my friends back in the States said it was. This might sound a little crazy, but…it’s a tough call between Toy Story and Up, which is my favorite Pixar movie. Seriously. If you haven’t seen it you have to go. Unfortunately because of Harry Potter, the only 3-D showings were dubbed in Korea.

Make sure that you go early enough to see the short, Partly Cloudy, I usually like the Pixar shorts, but this one I loved. It’s a play on the old idea that storks deliver babies, but where exactly do the babies come from? They (and we and everything else in creation) come from the clouds. And of course, there is one extremely lovable cloud that’s just not quite with the program. It’s really cute to see what the cloud thinks up of and what its poor stork has to deal with.

As for the actual movie…it wasn’t like your usually Disney/Pixar movie. It was quite grown-up with several of its themes, most notably how to deal with loss of a loved one, what exactly is family, and they finally were able to show the price that you pay for your choices in a movie and it not being from left field. I am an admitted mushball, but the themes aren’t happy-go-lucky like other movies have been in the past that it was okay to be a mushball and cry in the theater. Not that I care to begin with. I have to say that it was nice that the kid character, Russell, was Asian-American, it’s so rare to see Asian looking characters that aren’t playing to some ridiculous stereotype (Kung-fu fighter, creepy villian, supersmart genius, etc.), even though the CGI industry has a high percent of Asians workers/geniuses working in it. The dogs were hilarious, that’s the only word to describe them, especially Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. It’s probably my favorite movie of the summer, I don’t count Coraline because I saw that back in the States in the wintertime. And I really don’t have too high hopes for G.I. Joe being any good. Go see up.

2 responses to “Up

  1. Loved Up! I went to see it w/ Jeannette (and I think Mike Liu?). I teased Jeannette that if she & Mike ever have kids, they’ll look like Russell, hahaha.

    • baikeunsook

      But I think the child of Jeannette and Mike would have a far more common sense and have slightly better motor skills. Just saying…

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