Home Sukki

After summer camp finished, all of the teachers, Korean and NSETs, the camp supervisor, the camera guy, the vice principals, and the principal went out to eat to celebrate the conclusion of a very good camp. Eventually after I upload the videos to youtube, because I don’t want to pay $60 for this site, I’ll post my team’s performances.

We went to Home Sukki, it’s a well-known shabu-shabu restaurant here in Korea.

Home Sukki before we started to eat

Shabu-shabu if you don’t know is this East Asian (Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese all have their own versions and everyone says that they invented it and the others stole it, etc.) style of cooking and eating. In the middle of the table is this huge pot of boiling stock that you briefly cook , pretty much just blanching, thinly sliced cuts of meat and/or vegetables in. While you’re waiting for the meat and veggies to cook, you eat pre-prepared soups and salad and of course, kim-chi, but the vinegary kind, not the spicy kind. You usually cook about two or three rounds of meat and vegetables and you dip them into the provided sauces. In the picture above, there was this vinegar based chili sauce that you were supposed  to dip the mushrooms into, a mustard with a hint of horseradish sauce that was for the beef, and soy sauce and wasabi sauce that was for the seafood.

shabu-shabu cooking and eating, of course

After you eat fill of the meat and veggies, then you either add noodles or rice and eggs to the used broth and eat that.  If you don’t have a lot of time or you don’t like having several courses in a meal, than shabu-shabu is not for you. But honestly it’s really good and healthy, as almost all Korean food is. 😉


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