About my spotty record…

So I was pretty good about posting and then last month, I went blah and really didn’t post as much. So I felt like I should warn you that you shouldn’t expect any posts for the next week, maybe week and a half and then there will be a barrage of posts (like today) because I didn’t expect to be writing while I’m in Russia. I’ll have to may large obsene amounts of money just to check my e-mail using much slower speeds than what I use here in Korea. And I really don’t want to take my computer with me, because that’ll be an excuse not to do too much while I’m in Russia. So thank you in advance for your patience and I feel that you will be well rewarded.

This time tomorrow night, I will be wandering around Moscow…how exciting is that?!?!?!


One response to “About my spotty record…

  1. Travel safely! Hope you have a wonderful, fun, relaxing, safe, and energizing trip. 🙂 I’m looking forward to tea.

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