Indian Curry House Vin 103

So my friend and I were hanging out in Gangnam, originally intending for a late lunch and then turning into a really loong late lunch-pabpingsu-chat session. So eventually we realized that it was dinner time and we wandered around looking for some place to eat. There was an interesting bar/”pub”/restaurant called Dublin, with you guessed it…Irish food on the menu…but it was a bit pricey.

We happened to wander around the area behind the CGV and a sign talking about “European Tea House” that served lemon verbane caught my eye and then there was this delicious smell that caught our noses…Indian food. Across the street was this little hole-in-the-wall place called Indian Curry House Vin 103. There was no question where we were having dinner.

There is absolutely no decor, the wall is seriously just scrapped cement. I don’t think that any of the chairs matched nor did the tables for that matter. But that was kind of the charm of the place, there really wasn’t anything charming but it was still charming. The waiter came over and after we order lamb masala and chicken tandoori, he started asking where my friend was from, he guessed quite a few.

The lamb masala was delicious, so was the tandoori,  but it was a little messy because we weren’t given knives and the meat was loosely scored from the bone. I wasn’t too keen on the salad, or rather the salad dressing, it was a fruit vinigrette heavy on the garlic.

The food was really good, not as good as the place that I go to in Sinchon, but I would go back. The price was relatively consistent with what you would find in Dongdaemun or Sinchon.


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