C’etait Bien

After our delicious dinner, we walked across the street to C’etait Bien, European tea house. On the outside it looks like your typical Koreanize version of a Western building; the first floor looks like a Korean tea house. But on the second floor…we were not prepared for what we saw. About 90% of the room was white and the remaining 10% was pink or light blue floral patterns. Instead of chairs there were wicker-like loveseats. China was on each table. It was cute, but unbelievably girly girly girly.

Of course I didn’t have my camera and my friend didn’t have room on her camera, she actually had to delete some photos to make enough room to take photos. Pictures will most definitely be coming as soon as possible.

While we were there, an absolutely RIdiculous plan came to mind…and you will want to know the details of what we giggled and laughed about for an hour at C’etait Bien. Of course everyone was starring at us, but if they could understand what we were talking about, they would be laughing too.

And we were not the loudest by far…there was a group of older Korean women and one in particular had an extremely high nasual voice/laugh. So we were not an embarrassment to America….yeah for that!


One response to “C’etait Bien

  1. I finished that facebook event, you know. XD I have to say… I really wish I knew how to add you as an admin… I feel a little embarrassed to the the only one.

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