A Story Bar E Restaurante

A Story Bar and RestaurantA couple weeks ago it was a friend of mine’s birthday and she wanted to go to this place in the Apgujung area. So of course I went and I was kinda in dress code I had dark greenish capri pants for her green party. You would just miss it, actually two of us walked right passed it twice. But once you entered, it was unmistakeable.

a picture of the upstairs

You could get fresh made waffles, eggs the way you wanted them, pizza, etc. But the best part of the entire eating experience, in addition to the salad with balsamic vinigrette and the mushroom salad, was the pecan tarte. And somehow I didn’t take a picture of it. I seriously had three slices. I was feeling a bit homesick for “normal” food and there was this amazing pecan tarte, rich and velvety delicious pecan tarte. It’s a bit on the expensive side, I paid 24,400 KRW, but it was a lovely treat, especially the tarte.

photographing the birthday girl photographing her cake


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