Green Bee restaurant

Green Bee

A couple of weeks ago I went to an ill-fated lunch at the Green Bee, somewhere “near” Samseong station, with my principal, two vice principals and my three co-teachers. Even if the company had been better, it really wouldn’t have helped the food to much.

Please note that I really not a fan of fusion food.

We all had the set lunch, I didn’t eat any of the appetizer, which was three types of fried pig products, I believe a ham slice, procuitto, and bacon with a sauce lavishly put on top. The salad course was some “green” lettuce with teriyaki dressing and your choice of baguette bread or leavened bread that was not unlike the bread served after the Orthodox Mass and jam. Then came a cream soup, that reminded me of undercooked butternut squash with a few soggy croutons on top. The main course that I chose was spagetti with tomato sauce and seafood. There were more shells than noodles in the dish, but I was extremely happy to have fresh crab and that there was a bit of spice in the dish.

Really, even if I could remember how to get there, I wouldn’t…and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to pay for that meal, that would have made me even sadder after that debacle of a meal.


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