Don’t Be Rude

So after Harry Potter ended, as my friend Erin and I were talking while we were leaving COEX, we were stopped by a kyopo girl. I really thought that she was lost and needed some help with directions. Instead, she was a Jehovah’s Witness and wanted to convert me. Her first question was: Do you think you will go to heaven or hell? As she’s asking this is kyopo guy comes over to us…he’s her “conversion partner” and he starts taking over the questioning. You know, there’s a girl and a guy team that “reaches” out to young adults, by baiting the boys with the girl partner and baiting girls with the guy partner. Because it’s supposedily easier for the opposite sex to talk about religion with strangers, I’ve always thought that it was more about playing on hormornes that about bringing people to Christ.

I give kinda the typical Catholic answer: Actually I’m going to purgatory first. She asked why and I said that I’m Catholic…we’re all sinners and purgatory is where we make up for our sins. He pulled out a bible verse from psalms about how everyone goes to heaven if they believe in Jesus. He then specified and what to know where I would eventually end up. Which I said I hope/think heaven. She jumps in and wants to know why I would say heaven, does being Catholic give me some kind of free pass to be a sinner and still get to go to heaven?

By this time, I’ve had enough. He starts sprouting off another bible verse about the true way to heaven, etc. And part of me wanted to point out that Catholics have full knowledge, apostolic succession, and that there are more than one way to heaven. And that I’m not sixteen and the concept of a guy talking to me, is not going to make me go someone else’s church or change my beliefs instantly because there’s a boy who wants me to. But instead I told them that I was done talking to them and that I didn’t mind talking about my faith but not when two people are simply attacking me and not listening to what I have to say.

I was talking to a friend of mine, Josh, and he told me I should have said that I don’t like heaven and Catholics have better beer.


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