Harry Potter

On Saturday, my friend  Erin and I went to COEX to eat lots of food and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We met up and headed directly to Tomatillo for lunch, I also got a pretzel set from Auntie Ann’s.

Harry Potter promos

It’s interesting to see how far that Korean movie theaters will go to promote an upcoming movie. In the States, there are posters stating the date when the movie will be released or maybe a large cutout. Here in Korea, it’s common to see huge displays, that you can pose in front of or a large scale model that represents a scene from the film. And Saturday was no different, there was a house a little bigger than my head with several thousand balloons seemingly pulling it up, obviously representing Up.

The theater definitely was full at the seams, mostly children, fair amount of families and couples, and the random English speakers.

It was awesome! Definitely worth going to see it if you haven’t already. And the cherry on top is that it’s Vatican approved. But seriously, go see the movie, it’s an enjoyable two and a half hours that will make you wish the film adaptation of book 7 wasn’t going to be a two part a year or more away (at least it did for me). I personally didn’t have a problem with the changes to the plot, because it did make a better story on film and they make everything that will happen in movie 7 even bigger. But I do agree that the way that it ended with Dumbledore, was a definite give away to some things that will happen in the next and final installment of Harry Potter.


One response to “Harry Potter

  1. I enjoyed it too, but I agree that it was definitely a movie meant to connect the previous and latter films. I thought the little romances were very cute. In this type of movie, it’s really cool to see the actors growing up with their fictional counterparts.

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