10 Items or Less

Thanks to having absolutely no classes this week, I have nothing but office hours and summer camp meetings. So I decided that I was a bit bored of watching TV shows and to change to movies…soI randomly found an indy movie called 10 Items or Less on videostic.com starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega (she was in one of the serious Adam Sandler movies).

Morgan Freeman is a down-on-his-luck struggling actor, who’s best years have pretty much passed him by. He’s in such bad shape that he’s pretty much accepted an indy project by a first time director. The cousin of the first time director is probably one of Hollywood’s worst personal drivers, getting lost on the way to a supermarket, that’s more like a convenience store, that Morgan Freeman’s supposed to talk to the manager and gain some insight about what a supermarket manager does on a day-to-day basis. Instead he notices the checkout girl at the 10 items or less line; she’s rude, she’s impatient, she’s unbelievable, he’s intrigued.

When his driver forgets to show to pick him up, he convinces the checkout girl to give him a ride back home. He goes with her to pick-up her car keys and her car, with a hilarious exchange with Anne Dudek (Dr. Amber Volaskis from House M.D. as a trailer park trash kind of girl). They go shopping at Target and grab a bite to eat at Arby’s, while he helps her get ready for her big interview. All the while, he’s reliving his big star status, dropping names, throwing industry lingo, and just generally being an annoying actor making sure that everyone else knows that he’s an actor. During their fine dining experience of Arby’s food, they ask each other what’s their top 10 list of things that they hate and top 10 things that they couldn’t live without. At first he was trying to say that they could be friends and she was disbelieving but at the end, he had to be truthful to himself and to her that they would most likely never ever meet again, much less become friends.

Ten Things that I don’t like:

  1. mean people
  2. stupidity
  3. racism
  4. pig products
  5. slow internet connections
  6. forgetting things
  7. being late
  8. not getting enough sleep
  9. being ignored
  10. not having a book

Ten Things that I can’t live without:

  1. God
  2. books
  3. good food
  4. my un-nee
  5. my op-pa
  6. my computer
  7. high speed internet
  8. friends
  9. my iTouch
  10. chocolate

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