My Sister’s Keeper

Monsoon season has officially started in Korea and I pretty much don’t want to get up out of my bed and walk ten minutes in the pouring rain to work sit in my office for 8 hours preparing materials for summer camp, trying to watch the latest episode of Eureka, and trying to ignore my co-teacher KYY.

This afternoon, we (all the NSET for the JoongDae Summer Camp) were supposed to meet at JoongDae Elementary and then go shopping for all the supplies that we need for summer camp. But many of the supplies we needed to buy were paper supplies and obviously it would be a bad idea to trek paper supplies around Seoul in the downpour that monsoons generally create. So we got to leave early and I decided to curl up with a movie, partly because it’s a movie kind of afternoon and partly because the rain’s very, very loud and annoying.

While searching, I found a link for My Sister’s Keeper, starring Abigail Breslin, Cameron Diaz, Jason Patric, Alec Baldwin, and Joan Cusak. Pretty much if Joan Cusak, Jason Patric or Abigail Breslin is in the film, I’ll watch it. I’ve never read the book, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to other than the people to submit information about the book and movie on Basically, I’m just a clean slate with very little bias, except a tiny one against Cameron Diaz.

I was pleasantly surprised by Cameron Diaz’s performance, she wasn’t the ditzy, drunk, popular girl or the unbelievably intelligent careerwoman that she usually portrays. Instead she was a strong-willed woman who focused on the life of one child to the exclusion of her other children and her husband.

This was a typical movie for Joan Cusak and Jason Patric: random, witty one-liners from Joan Cusak and understated, conflicted role for Jason Patric. Abigail Breslin was heartbreaking as Anna Fitzgerald, as was Sofia Vassilieva as Kate Fitzgerald.

It was a nice movie, a few sniffles here and there. But it made some interesting points: was Anna a bad sister/daughter for wanting medical emancipation? Was it right for the mother and father to have Anna mostly to be a donor for Kate? Was it right for the mother to focus most of her attention on Kate? How could a household stand up to the pressures of a sick child and a child created to be a donor? Should the State allow a child to sue for medical emancipation?

IVF is not condoned by the Catholic Church for the fact that you (the doctor, the parents-to-be) are playing god and artificially creating life. When you’re having a child to be a continual donor for another child, you’re basically placing more importance on one child than another. How can you really ask one child to sacrifice their life, to live a half life for their sibling, especially when the one you’re asking isn’t even in school yet? To have a child simply to be a donor demeans the meaning of life, saying that it’s simply discardable. I have friends who have been trying for years to have a baby and when they finally are blessed with a child, all the years of trying and the years of disappointment will make that baby even more precious. But now you can just engineer the genetically perfect baby on demand, how precious will that child be to their parents, because they were made in a laboratory and selected from several embroyos because he or she had the right genetic makeup????

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