Made in Korea

There are the little things that I’ve noticed since I’ve moved to Korea that make me shake my head and since this is my blog, until further notice, I thought that I would share some highlights:

  • Most lip balms, lip gloss, lipsticks made by Korean make-up companies don’t contain any SP. So basically you’re putting on a sun magnet on your lips and hoping that you don’t get too sunburned.
  • In my world, the most you spend on sunglasses is $5 and that’s including tax…I just spent the most that I have ever spent on sunglasses because well I tend to drop things enough time that they break and I’ve had to buy some replacements. Yeah we’re really not  going to talk about exactly how much I spent on glasses here in Korea because it depresses me that I could have bought at least  five books with that same amount and they kinda don’t fit right after a week of ownership…
  • Oh women can wear clothes that basically they could possibly become pregnant by walking past a man, but I’m not supposed to wear flipflops or sunglasses or sundresses or sleeveless shirts. And now it’s fashionable to have designer bra straps that you are supposed to cover up???
  • On the subway there was an advertisement for Moon University, which will teach everything that “Reverend” Sun Myung Moonbelieves and believes that you should believe and live. That’s exactly where I want to send my future children. (Sarcasm, people, sarcasm)
  • Also on the subway a couple of weeks ago, there was an ad about a non-surgeical procedure to correct your “ugly knobby knee problem.”
  • There was an older women on the subway hawking “soothing” coffee music CDs, it sounded more like dogs and cats fighting than jazz or classical pieces.
  • There’s really no need for infomercials here in Korea, you have the subways…I’ve seen magical vegetable peelers, sleeves to help prevent farmers’ tans, reading lights for the subway, stain removers, vegetables, etc.
  • When it’s monsoon season, it apparently makes a lot of sense to somebody to put either the heater or the A/C on full blast, so you dry quickly with perfume of wet dog smell or you start to sneeze and possibly get pneumonia…excellent idea…really…

And yes, when I reread old entries, I do realize that only I could have written this blog, this extremely random and gooberish blog. Enjoy.


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