Manokamana Restaurant

Yesterday, I went to an Indian/Nepali restaurant, Manokamana Restaurant, in Sinchon (신촌) for lunch with my friend Ruth. Go out of exit 2 and walk straight for about ten minutes. On your right will be the Chang-Chun Church (창천교회), turn left at the corner, there will be a ice cream/pabpingsu place on the corner. It’ll be the third building on your left.

It’s the third time that I’ve been there and the third time that I was so hungry and the food smelled so good, that I couldn’t wait (or remember) to take a picture of the restaurant or the food. It’s a cute small space, with bollywood movies and music videos playing non-stop and little knick-knacks scattered around to add to the atmosphere.

As always, I got the Thali set, which is nan (or rice), vegetable curry, mutton curry (or chicken curry), bean curd (more like lentil curry), and yogart. It has the right amount of spice and the nan comes out hot and fresh. Next time, I will remember to wait and take a picture before I devour the food.


One response to “Manokamana Restaurant

  1. I need to try this place next time, see if it’s really better than Everest. Any place that offers a thali is good in my eyes — so much better than just getting one dish.

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