So yesterday was Confirmation in the Myeong Dong parish. For those who don’t know, as children, usually just after we’re born, Catholics are baptised with their parents and godparents standing for them and promising to raise the children in  the Church and to guide them to not only be good Catholics, but good people. Then when you’re at least sixteen years old, you can be confirmed, which you state (for lack of a better word) that you choose of your own will and choice to be a Catholic, that you will live your life the Catholic way, including marriage and the way that you raise your children and grandchild.

Yesterday, June  28th, 450 people were confirmed into the Church as parishoners in the Myeong Dong parish.

I remember when I was confirmed, there was probably about 70 of us, not 450.  That number just blows my mind, that the size of entire parishes back in the States and in Europe.

Regardless of that, congratulations to all the new Confirmdants in the Myeong Dong parish.


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