Western Chinese lunch

After we watched Transformers, we went to this western Chinese restaurant by Wangsimni Plaza that Jason and his friend had been to before and they both said it was really good food. I’ve learned that if Jason says the food is good, the food is good. We went there after the movie but the man said that they didn’t open until 3pm. So we went to Angels-in-us coffee for something to drink while we waited for the place to open. We headed there a little after 3:00, but when we got there there was a grocery order sitting in front of the door and the lights were off. We decided to wait it out and hopefully the man would come back. And we were definitely rewarded for our patience.

The food served at the restaurant is from the western part of China and it was delicious. The speciality are seasoned lamb skewers that you barbeque at your table and then you dip them into this spice mixture of sweet and spicy paprika and chili powder (at least those were the spices that I could taste).

The lamb is cooking and you can see some of the spice mix (bottom right)

The lamb is cooking and you can see some of the spice mix (bottom right)

We also had a spicy soft dubu dish that had peas, mushrooms and carrots as well. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. Everyone else had this nice looking deep-fried pork dish that they said was delicious. And we were also served hard dubu with a little psicy sauce on top, slightly roasted peanuts, and a slightly sour cabbage dish.

It was so good, that I’m plotting the next time to go there. Another movie and food situation…

2 responses to “Western Chinese lunch

  1. The food looks crazy delicious…

    • baikeunsook

      Oh it was…I’m plotting my return, but I’ve made too many vegetarian friends here in Seoul…

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