Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

So the projected big summer blockbuster of 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen finally opened in Korea, although earlier than in the rest of the world, or rather I was finally able to see it. As per all the Internet advice, we (Gloria, Jason, two of his friends and me) were able to get seats at one of the real IMAX screens here in Seoul. Usually in Korea the upcoming movie schedule isn’t released until Wednesday. I had been periodically checking to see when I could preorder tickets and the Monday before I found out that I could order tickets online and that most of the showings for the week were already sold-out or almost sold-out. Thanks to my 6th grader co-teacher, Minhee, I was able to reserve tickets on-line. But when I got to the theater this morning, the ticket seller was saying that she couldn’t give me my tickets because although the ID number was the one on my ID card, the names didn’t match. Eventually I was able to talk to the manager and he noticed that I had paid with my debit card with was on the receipt and that I have an F4 visa, which means that I have to have someone with citizenship make on-line reservations for me, since F4s aren’t allowed membership with CGV. So he printed out my tickets and the world was alright again.

Skip the following if you haven’t seen the movie again.

One of the biggest disappointments for me as someone who grew up with Transformers with the first movie is that Soundwave, my favorite Transformer wasn’t there. Although I did find out later that that the Transformer that became Blackout and then the Transformer that became Frenzy were both originally meant to be Soundwave, but none of the test audiences were happy and it was way too late to fix him. So of course, I was excited that he was going to be included in the new movie. I was a bit disappointed because of Frenzy, he couldn’t be a boombox that he was in the animated series and so he wouldn’t be able to eject Ravage. But they did have Frank Welker voice him, as he did in the G1 series.

It was an entertaining story. The CGI was amazing – hopefully this time the Academy will get it right and not give the Oscar for the Best Special Effects to another ridiculous movie like the Golden Compass. I’m still not that great of a fan of Shia LeBeouf or Megan Fox or really any of the actors that were cast, but lets be honest, we all are going to see the Transformers to begin with.

The  only two things that I didn’t like and really in the grand scheme of things, they’re so minor. One, I didn’t like the new voices for Ironhide and Megatron. Ironhide became this English fellow and Megatron became a teenager. And Soundwave had a slightly different voice, think Dr. Claw, because the sound guys didn’t feed Frank Welker’s voice through the vocoder. Two, I remember the Fallen as a collection of Transformers who spurned the Autobots and the Decipticons, not as one gigantic Decipticon.

Regardless, I give the movie an 8 on a 1 – 10 scale. And I’m interested in seeing what they can come up with for the third installment.

Summer movies to go: Harry Potter 6, G.I. Joe, Up, My Sister’s Keeper, and the Johnny Depp movie.

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