Fallen Princesses series

When I logged onto wordpress this morning, the usual things you may be interested in popped up and between the fawnings over Obama and his family, celebrity gossip, and random blog posts there was this post about Diana Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses. Being the Disney girl and the fairy tale girl that I am…I clicked.

It’s an interesting project is something that most people will agree on. The author has young daughters who as most western girls do idolize the Disney princesses, but this is foreign territory for the author. As she researched the tales that the girls were watching, she noticed how Disneyfied the movies really are, and add to that the reality of issues that women of all backgrounds face. The project has seven princesses: Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, Raphunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood in situations or exemplifying an issue.

Little Red Riding Hood and Jasminehave the most negative feedback of the things that I’ve read on-line, ranging from bad taste to encouraging stereotypes. I don’t think that LRRH is that bad, obesity is a  major problem amongst women, and the easiest way to portray it is with fast food containers, to show that it is unhealthy living, not genetics, that has gotten LRRH to this point. Jasmine, there’s really not too much that I can say. I think that there would have been better ways to portray her, like the irony of poverty, too many women around the world are living in poverty or something else, putting a gun in her hand is just wrong. Belle for me was just wrong…she’s been my favorite Princess since I can remember and Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite fairy tale without any competition and to see her like that was just grim.

It’ll definitely get people to talk and possibly talk about important things that women are facing and get some people made as well. I’m interested in seeing the last two portraits of the series, so I will be staying tuned for that.


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