Renoir exhibit

I decided that whether it rained or not today would be a great day to take in the Renoir exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art. But luck was on my side and it was a beautiful day, so of course, I walked from Myeong Dong to Tomatillo to the museum. It’s a nice museum, I’ve been there several times since I’ve moved to Korea and each time there’s something new that catches my eye. This time, I realized that the circular designs around the elevator were actually strips of film circled around.

It was really interesting to see the different portraits done by Renoir, which ranged from early in his career around the 1860s to the end of his life, around 1919. It became somewhat of a game for me to study the painting and decide if he had painted it before or after 1900 before reading the information. Many of the portraits were on loan from the Musee d’Orsay or from private collections. There were some sketches that showed the steps that he used to complete a painting and some landscapes that I had never seen before, especially the close-up of the roses.

And also right now is an exhibit by a Korean artist, sorry, I don’t remember her name, but the exhibit focuses on her travels and experiences from around the world. All in all they were both wonderful exhibits, definitely worth the $12 to go see it.


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