April Showers

Yesterday it was pouring here in Seoul, or at least it was in Song-pa-gu, so I decided that the best thing to do was to watch a movie. I picked a recently uploaded movie on videostic.com and it happened to be April Showers.

It’s a look into the aftermath and lives of students and teachers who survive a school shooting like Columbine. The film is focused on Sean, who before the shooting was the all-American boy whose biggest worry was graduating and his rocky relationship with April, now has to struggle with the deaths of classmates, knowing the shooter, and trying to understand how this terrible situation could happen. The movie also shows has insensitive reporters and outsiders can be, how they’re simply chasing the big story, exclusives, and the ratings, while forgetting that this is somebody’s life and somebody’s pain. It also shows what happens where there aren’t any cameras, how the students, parents, and teachers try to deal with what just happened, of course, some eventually deal with it well and some succumb to the pain. Before the end credits, the movie honors the names of the victims of school shootings starting with the UT sniper until right before the movie was made and released.

The director/writer, Andrew Robinson, is actually one of the survivors of the Columbine High School shooting. He makes it as much about the aftermath of a tragic situation as a sense of therapy of a situation. Tom Arnold, Illeana Douglas, and Daryl Sabara (of Sky Kids fame) are the only actors that I recognize, but everyone was well casted and well directed so that this movie was more than a soap opera/melodrama, exploitation, or cheesy TV movie.


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