Un baiser s’il vous plaît

I saw Un baiser s’il vous plaît or Shall We Kiss or A Kiss, Please, with two of my co-teachers, Gwon Ji-hye and Choi Min-hui last night after work. Us plus a couple were the only people in the theater, which is wierd the only times that I have ever been in such an empty theater is when I go to the movies after Mass, Sunday mornings.

It’s your typical French romantic comedy. The akwardness and the romance of the relationship, of any relationship really and the sometimes disasterous results of just one slip-up.

I felt bad for my co-teachers, because they’ve never studied French and the Korean subtitles were terrible. I ended up having to explain the film to them afterwards.

We went to my favorite Tex(Cali) Mex place, Tomatillo, which was actually the first time that Jihye had ever had Mexican food. We talked a little about the spicyness of Mexican food and Korean food, I don’t think that either is too spicy, but my co-teachers were saying that they thought Mexican food was definitely hotter in terms of spicyness than kimchi or gojujung. All in all it was a fun night.


One response to “Un baiser s’il vous plaît

  1. I shall have to look that one up… I wonder where I could rent it…

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