Blood: the Last Vampire

I saw the live action movie Blood: the Last Vampire based on the Japanese anime tonight. It was an interesting global movie: it’s a Japanese anime based movie spoken almost entirely in English and  financed by a Japanese and a Chinese production company starring a Korean actress, a Japanese actress, and an American actress, with several Chinese and English supporting actors. It was filmed in China, Argentina, and the States and post-production was in France.

It has the visual style of the battle scenes from Saving Private Ryan and 300 and the graphic novel-to-live-action movie feel of Sin City, even down to the blood spray. Basically, if you like fighting, action, and blood, you’ll enjoy Blood, as long as the cheesy bits don’t overly annoy you too much.

But back to the main part/point of the blog…Movie production used to be solely financed, produced and post-produced by companies from one country, maybe with some actors from another country. Gradually, more diversity began showing up in the credits, a director from a different country than the majority of the cast, a diversity in the cast, etc. Although my favorite example, Cold Mountain, the about half the major characters were portrayed by non-American actors and of the American actors, a few were actually  Southerners, and the majority of the movie was shot in Romania.

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