Feeling Like a Protestant…

Today, instead of going to Myeong Dong for Mass today, I went with a friend of mine, Jason, and his girlfriend, Mihee to the Orthodox Church for Mass. About a month or so ago, I went with them to a Latin Mass celebrated by a priest from the Society of Saint Pius X here in Korea.

Orthodox Church of Korea

Orthodox Church of Korea

I was a bit lost during the Latin Mass because I know the majority of the correct procedures for the Latin Mass, but I could only understand the cognates between Latin and French and what I’ve simply memorized.

the Nave of the Orthodox Church
the Nave of the Orthodox Church

I’m not going to lie or even try to save face…I was lost. I do read Korean, but I read s-l-o-w-l-y. And knowing when to bow, kneel, make the Sign of the Cross (backwards to boot), etc. I was interested to see the surprising large number of Korean Orthodox and I did somewhat foolishly think that there was going to be more English because like the Latin Rite (the Catholic Church), the Orthodox Church celebrates Mass in the local language. But unlike the Catholic Church, each country has its own style and way of doing things. And I was just told by my friend that the celebrating priest can change the order of the Orthodox Mass, as long as they get everything in, which is completely different than a Catholic Mass.

the dome of the Orthodox Church

the dome of the Orthodox Church

At the end of the Mass, there was blessed bread to eat, it was oddly good, it’s a plain dense bread, somewhat like Moroccan flat bread but thicker. I did get in trouble for taking photos inside the Church. oops. sorry. But it’s a compliment that I wanted to take photos of your beautiful Church after Mass was over. The choir was beautiful and the representation from the Bible were gorgeous.

3 responses to “Feeling Like a Protestant…

  1. Did you know the Society of Pope Pius the X are not recognized by Rome? they brokeaway from the church during vatican 2.

    Just some info.

  2. baikeunsook

    TJ!!! Yeah, I was aware of it, but I wanted to see them and to hear what they would say…to say the least I wasn’t too impressed. As I’m sure you could tell. You have to click on Macho Sauce Productions, Steve Crowder, and PJTV…as a fellow conservative Christian Republican, you’ll love them.

  3. Thanks for getting in trouble! Those pics are gorgeous!

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