Going organic

If you know me from the States, you know that I never make it a point to buy organic anything, that I prefer things from farmers market but I don’t go out of my way to buy organic, especially since I live by farming areas and they tend to supply the local supermarkets with fruits and vegetables, as everyone found out after Ike.

I “blame” the shift in my eating habits on my friend Erin, part of the reason we’re friends is because we both love food, books, culture, museums, all the important things. Some of our frequent food based conversations focus on organic versus farmers market versus regularly grown. And the more that I’ve been paying attention to my eating habits in Korea, there is a major difference between the fruits and vegetables that I’ve been buying at Homever/Home Plus and what I’m used to buying in the States, as well as my health. In my non-scientific way of thinking, because everyone knows how scientific I am, there is a different taste and just overall health of vegetables here in Korea.

So while I’ve been in Korea this second time around, I’ve been buying more and more organic fruits and vegetables. The price of regular fruits and vegetables in Korea is expensive comparatively to the States and there really isn’t too much of a different between organic and regular fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables at Orga are about 500KRW more expensive than their counterparts at Home Plus. And now during one of my walks around the neighborhood, I found an organic grocery store, Orga Whole Foods, about a twenty minute walk from my apartment, which is the same time it takes me to get to Home Plus by subway. So guess where I’m shopping now???


One response to “Going organic

  1. I am loving the whole green movement, and I love that not only has my mother been a huge supporter of the whole reduce/reuse/recycle movement, but the Catholic Church has basically been teaching green forever, too.
    I’d say I’m going organic, but… I’m not that into veggies, anyway. I wish I were!

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